Friday, August 10, 2012

Painting Patterns

Probably the simplest and yet most captivating thing to put in an artwork are repetition of patterns. It makes something simple look complicated and turns the plain into exciting. Here is a simple painting that uses a lot of patterns. Note that the faces of the people in the picture are not made to emphasize the patterns in both the fore ground and the back ground. Also, omitting the facial expressions of the people in the picture would further allow the colors in the painting to express its mood. The materials used for this painting are canvas (or paper) and acrylic paint (water color). Here is how to make this painting: 1. Think of an inspiration (It may be people in the field, a woman, a child, etc.). 2. Draw the outline of the figure of a person on the foreground without putting any details on the person's face. 3. Draw the outline of the background (Imagine a stained glass decor on the church wall.) 4. Paint both the fore ground and the back ground with complementary colors. 5. Outline the edges of the figures with black. If you're using water color and having a hard time tracing using a paint brush, it would be easier to use an inking pen or a thin marker. 6. Paint the pattern design that you love on both the fore ground and the back ground. Make sure that the designs on the fore ground are more complex than that of the back ground (for emphasis). 7. Repeat your pattern on several figures. Play with colors to make your work more exiting. Have Fun Painting!

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