Friday, August 10, 2012

Abundance Painting (and the Law of Attraction)

Last year, I have been bombarded with information about the law of attraction and how to turn thoughts into things from books, videos and talks from motivational speakers like Bo Sanchez and Adrian Ding. I was just so inspired about the countless possibilities that God's universe can offer so I decided to create a painting that inspires me more to claim and attract the beautiful yet simple things life can offer. It may be considered a childish work but when I'm down and I see it hanging on the wall, I'm reminded that blessings are just around me- I just have to hang on. I encourage you to be creative and make one too. It doesn't have to be painted on a canvas in oil or acrylic. It can be in water color or maybe just a simple doodle on a notebook. I'm not superstitious or any of the like but being hopeful makes me feel better when I'm down.

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