Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grade School Art Bulletin Board (Spring)


Since the drive of our school this year is saving the environment, I asked the sixth graders to make a collage from used objects.

Needed Materials:

1. 1/8 illustration board (use the black side)
2. glue
3. recyclable materials

1. I first asked the kids to collect any usable trash that can be found either in their house or in school. (This should be thoroughly cleaned.)
2. When they have collected, I asked them to think of a design that they can make out of the objects they have brought.
3. Once their design is final, they can glue the objects to the illustration board.

Here are some of the works of the kids:

Timezone Madman by Cliven Gairanod and Justin Kim 6-B

Eiffel Tower by Julie Lee and Danica del Mar 6-A