Monday, November 16, 2009

Pull Out Cards

Source: "Make Cards" by Kim Solga (This is a very interesting book)

There are more to these cards than meets the eye! They pull out and out to show a long message or picture.

1) 2 pcs. Construction paper (different colors)
2) Colored markers
3) Glue
4) Glitters, sequins and other decorative materials


1) Fold one of the construction paper crosswise. Cut it in half and fold it again in half. This will serve as your cover. You can decorate the front of the cover as you wish.
2) Fold the other construction paper lengthwise. Cut it in half. Glue the 2 sheets together to make a long strip of paper.
3) Fold the long strip evenly like an accordion.
4) Glue one side the folded paper to the inside of the card cover. Make sure the top of the accordion fold is on the inside next to the fold of the cover. Decorate your accordion strip as you wish.