Sunday, July 5, 2009


With the increasing problem on global warming and climate change, our school is geared towards environmental awareness. This school year (and hopefully in the upcoming years as well), we have decided to integrate the theme on caring for the planet in our curriculum. We want our students to take to heart the love for mother Earth. To start off the school year with that goal in mind, I asked my 4th, 5th and 6th graders to make this very simple mosaic.

1) Short bond paper
2) Green japanese paper or construction paper
3) glue
4) blue poster paint or water color
5) paint brush
6) markers

1) Fold the short bond paper in half (crosswise).
2) Cut a half heart's shape from the bond paper.
3) Open it and paint the whole heart blue. Then, let it dry.
4) While waiting for the heart to dry, cut small squares of green paper.
5) Once the heart is totally dry, lightly sketch land masses forming some of the world's continents.
6) Glue the green paper to the land masses to cover it.
7) On another small sheet of bondpaper, write a phrase about taking care of the environment (e.g. One Earth, We Care or We Love Mother Earth). Use your markers to make the phrase colorful!
8) Glue the phrase to the heart shaped Earth.

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