Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I saw this idea from one of the art blogs I browsed in the the net (I'm sorry I can't site my reference since I don't remember the site anymore). I thought that it would be a wonderful activity for my lesson on lines.

1) black or colored markers
2) crayons or color pencils

1) Chose different letters of the alphabet to draw in your paper. You can draw all capital or all small letters. You can also mix the capital and small letters. You can also include numbers.
2) Draw one big letter/ number of your choice on your paper(you can start by using a pencil and trace the lines with a marker later on but if you think that you can make it neatly, you can directly use the marker.).
3) Connect another letter/ number to the letter/ number that you've drawn.
4) Repeat step 3 until you've filled the whole paper.
5) Color the spaces between the lines with different colors.

*Draw the letters/ numbers big so that it wont take you long to finish the activity.
*Make sure to connect the edges of each letter to another letter. There shouldn't be any open end of a line in your work.


sardonic salad said...
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sardonic salad said...

this is a very cool idea!

TAMI HORT said...

mrs picasso's art room