Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I found this art project on (Ms. Kathy Barbro posts wonderful lessons in her blog. Please do visit it.) I thought it would make a great lesson for my fourth graders in having them practice pastel smudging and in identifying warm and cool colors. The original lesson portrayed fall leaves but since we don't have fall season in the Philippines, I asked my students to draw any leaf design they like.

Materials Needed:
1) Short bond paper
2) black marker
3) Oil pastel (preferably the Sakura brand, for easy smudging)

1) Draw different leaf figures in a sheet of paper.
2) Trace all the pencil lines with a thin black marker.
3) Color the leaves with oil pastel. Use two colors for each leaf. Put one color on the leaf's midrib and another color in the remaining area. Blend the two colors by smudging the oil pastel. Make sure that there are no hard edges between the two colors.
4) Color the back ground with two colors too.

1) Use warm colors like red, orange and yellow for the leaves.
2) Use cool colors like blue and green for the back ground.

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