Sunday, March 15, 2009


I found this project while I was browsing in the net. I just couldn't remember the site. It's great for teaching kids in the primary level the lesson on positive and negative space and on warm and cool colors.

Materials needed:
1) paper
2) black marker
3) crayons/ paint

1) Trace your hands on a sheet of paper. You can trace as many hands as you want. You can also draw it on top of each other. (For my students, i only asked them to draw 3 to 4 hands because I wanted them to finish working in 45 minutes.)
2) Trace the hands with a black marker.
3) Color the hands with different colors. (TIP: It would look great if you would alternate warm and cool colors.)
4) Color the background with black.

Here are some work of my grade 1 students:

Kylah Baluchi of Grade 1-C

Joshua Chan of Grade 1-C

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