Thursday, February 5, 2009


Explore your children's creativity by letting them use their imaginations in varied ways. Let them continue a cut out picture through drawing. Tell them that they can draw anything they want to finish the picture, the sky's the limit!
(This activity is for 4th to 6th graders)

Here are the things needed for this activity:
1) A cut out picture from a magazine or their own photo.
2) Markers and crayons

1) Cut out pictures from a magazine or pre-assign the children to bring cut out pictures, at least 2x2 in size.
2) Instruct the students to paste the picture in the middle of a short bond paper.
3) Let them observe the picture then let them imagine how it should be continued.
4) Let them draw on the paper what they have imagined.

Here are some of my students' interesting works!

This one is made by Sumin "Luzette" Koh of grade 5-B. In this one, she pasted her own picture and drew it to be tied down in a tree preparing to devour her. I think that the picture is inspired by the famous Philippine literature "Florante at Laura" where Florante was tied to tree in the forest with a lion trying to devour him.

This one is a birthday party picture made by Auffie migallos og Grade 5-A