Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Grade level: Elementary

The idea originally came from my co-teacher, Renz. I used the lesson for my grade six class in one of the topics on elements of design. I wanted he students to manipulate lines, shapes and warm and cool colors in the creative process.

* Crayons/ Poster paint/ Colored pencils (The students are free to choose their own medium)
* A4 sized bond paper or Oslo paper
* ruler


1. Draw a one-inch border or margin around the bond paper (This is optional).
2. Draw shapes/ patterns on the paper.
3. Using a ruler, make lines that intersect with the shapes and the patterns.
4. Color you wok with warm and cool colors.

(note: warm colors are colors like red, yellow, orange, and purple while cool colors are colors like blue and green. White and black are not colors. Colors like pink, sky blue and those with the tint of white are usually neutral colors.)

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