Thursday, December 4, 2008



Grade Level: Grade 6

Materials Needed:
1) Potato chip can or soft-drink (1L) bottle
2) Red felt paper/ velvet paper
3) Cotton
4) Googly eyes ( if none is available, you can use black and white construction paper
to make the eyes or you can simply draw).
5) Peach construction paper
6) Glue and scissors

1) Cover the upper half of the can with peach construction paper (This will serve as Santa's face.)
2) Cover its lower half with red velvet paper (for Santa's clothes).
"Details on Santa's Face"
3) Attach the googly eyes at the center to the peach covered part of the can.
4) For Santa's nose, you can glue a small red circle or just draw it using a marker or pastel.
5) Cover the rest of the peach colored part with cotton (for his hair and beard.)
"Details on Santa's Clothes"
6) Cut a thin strip of white paper and glue it around the middle of the red covered part. Glue a small circle on its center (this will be his belt).
7) Put white buttons on your puppet's upper torso by cutting and pasting small white circles.
8) Cut out two mountain-like curves on the black construction paper and glue it on the lower end of the puppet (for its shoes).
9) Cut two rectangular strips of red velvet paper (it should not be too narrow nor too wide). Glue one edge of it on the left and right side of the puppet (for its hands). Glue small a amount of cotton on the other edge of the rectangular strip. Attach a small peach circle at the end of it.
10) Accessorize your Santa puppet by putting a hat on its head!

Here are some of my six grader's works:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This very simple holly craft can be used for pre-school and grades one and two.

Materials needed:
1) Green and red construction paper
2) Scissors
3) Plain glue
4) glitter glue

1) In a green construction paper, draw (or trace, since I gave my students holly patterns for uniformity) and cut holly figures. You could have 2 or 3 hollies.
2) Arrange and glue the edges of the hollies together.
3) In the red construction paper, draw and cut three small circles. The circles should have the same size.
4)Glue the circles on the lower portion of the holly.
5) Decorate with glitter glue.
6) now you have a simple paper holly! You can put it on the sides of the window, on the front door, on your Christmas tree or even to decorate the school bulletin board!


Grade Level: Primary Elementary Level (Grades 1 to 3)

This simple paper poinsettia is suitable for a 45 minute class in the primary levels. I gave my students petal patterns to make the size of their output similar. This is a very simple activity which can be used even in the pre-school level.

1) Red and Yellow (or gold) construction paper
2) Scissors
3) Glue

1) Draw and cut out 8 petals from the red construction paper. Make sure that the petals are similar in size. (Petal patterns are very helpful).
2) Attach the petals together by gluing their edges.
3) Crumple a small piece of the yellow/ golden construction paper into a small ball. Make at least three of these.
4) Glue the small balls to the center of the flower.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Grade level: Elementary

The idea originally came from my co-teacher, Renz. I used the lesson for my grade six class in one of the topics on elements of design. I wanted he students to manipulate lines, shapes and warm and cool colors in the creative process.

* Crayons/ Poster paint/ Colored pencils (The students are free to choose their own medium)
* A4 sized bond paper or Oslo paper
* ruler


1. Draw a one-inch border or margin around the bond paper (This is optional).
2. Draw shapes/ patterns on the paper.
3. Using a ruler, make lines that intersect with the shapes and the patterns.
4. Color you wok with warm and cool colors.

(note: warm colors are colors like red, yellow, orange, and purple while cool colors are colors like blue and green. White and black are not colors. Colors like pink, sky blue and those with the tint of white are usually neutral colors.)